luni, 14 septembrie 2015

Regarding T.E.N.S Units

TENS Units from LGMedSupply TENS units are typically utilized as a non-invasive technique of electric stimulation for pain alleviation. A considerable amount of relief can be achieved with a TENS unit effectively as the electrode pads cause electric stimulation that goes along nerve fibers, hence creating a pain reducing feeling. LGMedSupply owns a wide selection of mobile TENS units for relief of pain. What is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation ( T.E.N.S )? TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, symbolizes the use of electric stimulation with the help of a device to stimulate the nerves for healing reasons. A TENS unit, or T.E.N.S unit, is a transportable device which is used to alleviate pain. The equipment is typically used by hooking up 2 or more electrodes to the skin. Improving Lower Back Pain Conditions using a Tens Unit TENS makes use of reduced voltage electric stimulation to alleviate back pain problems. A transportable TENS unit will be hooked to a belt round the back and it is connected to 2 electrodes. Those electrodes make use of electric stimulation by way of a current from the transportable TENS machine to the user?s epidermis. Transcutaneous electric neural stimulation has been proven to help get rid of the sensation of long-term back pain with the aid of electrodes. The electrodes generate an electric stimulation which moves along nerve fibers and creates a relieving sensation. TENS Machines, TENS Unit Pads along with Other Accessories from LGMedSupply By browsing our products above, you'll find a large selection of mobile TENS machines, electrode pads and lots of additional add-ons for your TENS units. Not all of the electrodes are created equal, and LGMedSupply brand electrode pads are well-known as the best electrodes in the field. A Huge Range of TENS EMS Combo Devices An EMS unit can stimulate muscle tissues, whilst a TENS unit is going to stimulate nerve endings. TENS units as well as EMS units work much the same way. Lots of pain victims make use of a mixture of both TENS and EMS to provide a maximal level of relief and muscle excitement. We feature a big variety of transportable Combo TENS / EMS units to mix the benefits of nerve ending excitement and electronic muscle stimulation.

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